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Big Head

Big Head

PriceFrom $14.00

Approx. 10" wide x 16" tall: $14 ea.

Approx. 17" wide x 24" tall: $16 ea.

Approx. 20" wide x 33" tall: $24 ea.


Single Sided Prints. Printed on 4mil Plastic Coroplast

Results will vary based on picture provided. If image contains shoulders, long hair, hats, etc, it will make the overall head image smaller to fit the size sign chosen.


Perfect for Indoor or outdoor use. 

No adhesive back. If you want to hang on your wall, we recommend the 3M sticky tape


*********To order, please go ahead and place your order online. Then, email your photo(s) to: Make sure to include your order# in the subject line.


If your photos are too large, please give us a call at 847-658-5090 and we will get you information on how to get those larger photos to us!



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